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Heavy Truck/Equipment Repair

Operating a heavy truck repair business involves specific risks associated with servicing and maintaining large vehicles. To protect your heavy truck repair business from potential financial losses, it’s important to have comprehensive insurance coverage. Here are some of the most important coverages for a heavy truck repair business:


Garage Liability Insurance:

  • Covers bodily injury and property damage claims arising from your business operations, including financial losses resulting from mistakes or negligence in the repair or service of heavy trucks. Additionally, accidents that occur on your premises or during test drives would be covered here as well.

Garage keepers Insurance:

  • Protects customers’ heavy trucks while they are in your care, custody, or control for repair or servicing. It provides coverage for damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism, or other covered perils.

Commercial Property Insurance:

  • Safeguards your business property, including the repair shop, tools, equipment, and inventory, against perils such as fire, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters.

Commercial Auto Insurance:

  • Covers liability and physical damage for vehicles used for business purposes, including service trucks or vehicles used to transport heavy trucks.

Business Interruption Insurance:

  • Helps cover the loss of income and operating expenses if your heavy truck repair business is temporarily closed due to a covered peril (e.g., fire, natural disaster).

Workers’ Compensation Insurance:

  • Mandatory in many places, workers’ comp provides coverage for medical expenses and lost wages if employees are injured on the job.

Product Liability Insurance:

  • Provides coverage in case a repair or replacement part you install on a heavy truck is defective and causes injury or damage.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance:

  • Covers the repair or replacement of malfunctioning equipment, such as lifts, diagnostic tools, or welding equipment, due to mechanical breakdowns.

Pollution Liability Insurance:

  • Covers the costs associated with pollution cleanup and liability resulting from accidental spills or contamination that may occur when handling automotive fluids or hazardous materials in the heavy truck repair process.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance:

  • Provides additional liability coverage beyond the limits of primary liability policies, offering extra protection in case of large lawsuits.

Cyber Liability Insurance:

  • Protects against financial losses resulting from data breaches or cyberattacks, especially important if your heavy truck repair business stores sensitive customer information electronically.

Crime Insurance:

  • Protects against theft, fraud, or embezzlement by employees or third parties.

Inland Marine Insurance:

  • Protects tools, equipment, and inventory in transit, whether being transported to your business or delivered to customers.


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It’s crucial to work closely with an experienced insurance professional to assess the specific risks of your heavy truck repair business and tailor an insurance package that meets your unique needs. Trust the experienced professionals at ISE Insurance Services to help protect what’s important to you – contact us today.

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