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June 22, 2016

Employment Practices / Discrimination Insurance in California

Most Business Insurance Policies EXCLUDE coverage for acts of DISCRIMINATION and other employment related issues – Do you need this coverage?

YES – As an employer you are exposed to the damages due and defense costs of an almost infinite number of risks and accusations
“You pay me less than Bob because – I’m ( Female. Hispanic, Gay, over 50, Jewish, from India,   and the list goes on forever…)
“They fired me because I was going to file a Workers Comp claim – not because they caught me stealing”
“They called my title “Manager” so they didn’t pay me overtime or give me breaks for the past 4 years – so i need $40,000…” (We lost this one)
“I stole company property – but they fired me because of my race”  (claim on this PAID over $500,000)
Guy in wheelchair sues you for being out of compliance with ADA requirements – your regular policy DOES NOT defend this suit.

And, I could write on for an hour on this – I’ve seen it all – So – YES  you do need this coverage.
A good EPLI program can protect you from most of the exposures ( there are ALWAYS exclusions)
The coverage is not cheap – but neither are the lawyers that you’ll need and the damages can be severe – even business killers.

Call us today to see how we can help.

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