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Business Insurance to fit your specific needs. Industry specific programs at the lowest possible premium 

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Workers Compensation Insurance WORKERS COMPENSATION

We do workers compensation better - lower prices, more carriers & free X-mod management.

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Farm Insurance FARM

The State of California is built on Agriculture - Rancher, Grower, Processor, Distributor - We have a solution for you.

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Life Insurance - We can custom create insurance solutions for those problems no-one wants to talk about.

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Homeowners Insurance HOME

Get coverage to help pay for repairs, replacement costs and living expenses if something happens to your home.

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Auto Insurance AUTO

All auto policies ARE NOT the same - Give us the opportunity to match your needs with the best carrier.

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Automotive Service & Repair Business Insurance in California

with ISE Insurance Services

Proudly serving you face to face in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, Orange County,  and San Diego – well basically…the whole state

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Your Auto Service and Repair business is important to us. We want to make sure if anything happens - you have the protection you need and that the incident is covered exactly the way you thought it would be. 

Your needs are certainly different than those of a bakery, dry-cleaner, or deli - let us show you how our experience and expertise can be an asset to your operations.

We offer coverage to help protect you from the risks of: fire and theft to defective parts and faulty work; from customer cars being vandalized to a customer auto being hit during a test drive; from a lift collapsing to two mechanics backing into each other; from your mechanic dropping and breaking an $8,000 scanner to your employees tools being stolen.

We know how to put the right coverage in place to make sure you are properly protected.

Your business is going to need many of the coverages in  Commercial Insurance Basics - and you will likely need the following for your Auto Service business insurance:

Garage Liability -
Covers damages arising from the operation of an auto or an auto related business.
Broadened Garage Liability - Adds coverage for defective products and faulty work
Vehicle Damage Liability - This may surprise you: if you lease your premises from another party and you drive a customer auto into the side of the building - without a special endorsement, most basic policies exclude the damage.  We ALWAYS add this endorsement to protect you.

Customer Auto - Covers customer cars in your care custody and control - 3 basic Variations (from good to bad).  Direct Primary - your policy covers customer cars regardless of who is at fault; GKLL - Covers Damage to customer cars only if you are at fault - (Think test drive you get hit by an uninsured motorist - and you have to tell your customer to fix it themselves...) and EXCESS - ONLY covers damage to your customer cars in excess of what THEIR insurance will pay.
Employee Tools - Your standard policy does not cover employee tools - this adds protection to employee tools for loss or damage (fire, theft etc) - be careful - some policies are replacement cost - some are actual cash value (depreciation!)
Workers Compensation - You'll certainly need this: to protect you and your employees from the costs of on the job injuries and illness.
Employment Practices / Discrimination - One of the many risks you face, allegations of violating employment laws, discriminating against customers, employees or vendors,

Every business entity is different - we work with you to make sure you have the specific coverages and limits you need for your particular business - so you can make the best possible decision for you

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