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Business Insurance to fit your specific needs. Industry specific programs at the lowest possible premium 

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Workers Compensation Insurance WORKERS COMPENSATION

We do workers compensation better - lower prices, more carriers & free X-mod management.

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Farm Insurance FARM

The State of California is built on Agriculture - Rancher, Grower, Processor, Distributor - We have a solution for you.

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Life Insurance LIFE

Life Insurance - We can custom create insurance solutions for those problems no-one wants to talk about.

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Homeowners Insurance HOME

Get coverage to help pay for repairs, replacement costs and living expenses if something happens to your home.

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Auto Insurance AUTO

All auto policies ARE NOT the same - Give us the opportunity to match your needs with the best carrier.

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Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance Information

Auto Insurance in California with ISE Insurance Services

Proudly serving you in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, and San Diego – well basically… the whole state

Finding you the right coverage with the lowest possible Auto Insurance rates is what we do. 
Free Auto Insurance Quotes - Always.  We will invest our time to find you the right fit with carrier, coverage and low prices.

Auto Insurance coverage in California is more complex than you might think - there are more real differences besides price, service, and payment
 plans.The fine print matters here.  Additionally, there are literally thousands of Insurance Agents that write Auto Insurance in California  


Because we do California Auto Insurance better.  We work hard to get you the lowest possible auto insurance rates - this year and every year. And, we match you with a carrier and policy that fit your needs: from LIABILITY LIMITS to DEDUCTIBLES, to OEM endorsements to GAP coverage to LOSS OF USE and the list goes on... With dozens and dozens of carriers to choose from - how does ISE do that?

Our Process:

We utilize a combination of technology, market knowledge, and, (through Professional Insurance Associates world class marketing department), access to virtually every insurance carrier that writes Auto Insurance in California.

We start by taking your specific account criteria (Age, location, Occupation, Commute distance, Vehicles, Claims history, Current carrier, etc) and then we run that through software that searches most every auto insurance carrier in the state looking for the lowest possible rates for you.

Then we submit individually prepared (knowing the carriers preferences) applications to the top  carriers that might possibly 
give us the lowest rates.  Then we will review the results with you going over the coverage and rate options - letting you pick the carrier that fits you best.

To get started - click on the auto insurance quote link above - Free auto insurance quotes with no obligation are just a click away.  Your information is fully encrypted and we will never sell  your data.  Our sole purpose is to help you find the best coverage at the lowest price.

AUTO INSURANCE BASICS - California car insurance 101

LIABILITY (damages you legally owe others due to the negligent operation of your vehicle)

Bodily Injury Liability - Covers injuries - (both physical and mental) your vehicle causes another person. Could be another driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist,  even a person who was NOT in the vehicle you hit who is traumatized by the incident. California limits can range from $15,000 per person up to $500,000 per person.  We STRONGLY recommend against minimum limits - Think about it like this... on your way home from work tonight, you are broadsided by a texting driver who runs a stop light; you are in the hospital for 2 months, permanently disabled and can never work again... is $15,000 enough money to make you whole again?  It's not likely that that will even cover the first 30 minutes in the ER.  If you do that to someone else - you are legally responsible to make them whole financially... do you have enough coverage?  What assets do you have to lose?  how much of your future income can you afford to have garnished?  

Property Damage Liability - Covers damages to things caused by the negligent operation of your vehicle.  Cars you hit, buildings, fences, trees, bicycles, inventory in the liquor store you drove into (yes - that happened this year)  
California limits can range from $5,000 to $100,000 - AGAIN - We STRONGLY recommend against minimum limits.  If you rear-end a Tesla - $5,000 won't cover the damage and their insurance company will be calling on you to collect.  And the guy who fell asleep at the wheel and drove though a liquor store we insure - caused over $100,000 in damage to the building, contents and lost income - no he did not have enough coverage, and yes the insurance companies will be collecting from him personally.

Medical Payments - Covers Medical expenses for you and anyone in your vehicle caused by any auto related incident (slipping on the ice getting out of a car is covered) - This coverage can be primary or excess over your current health insurance. The coverage is usually minimal and pays regardless of who is at fault.  Limits in California range generally from $1,000 to $10,000 - certainly not enough to cover a serious injury - so keep your regular health insurance in force.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury -  This is a CRITICAL coverage - IT COVERS YOU and anyone in your car for injuries caused by someone else when they have NO INSURANCE or NOT ENOUGH insurance.  (in California - that's most of the cars out fact in 2014 14.7% of cars had NO INSURANCE at all Our recommendation here - because it protects you and yours - set the limit as HIGH as you can - don't let your finances in the case of an accident be determined by a random uninsured driver. - There is a catch here - you can only purchase as much Uninsured motorist coverage as you have Bodily injury liability - you can't cover yourself for more than you cover the other guy for...

UMPD - Uninsured Motorist Property Damage -   Kind of a useless coverage - covers up to $3,500 in damage to your car if you are hit by someone with no insurance - AND, you do not carry collision coverage ($3,500 doesn't go very far).

Comprehensive - This covers damage to your car from something "other than Collision"  (Fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, flood, hail, windstorm etc ...) even if your car is paid off - consider this coverage, as it's cost and deductible may be far less than replacing your vehicle.

Collision - Covers damage to your car when it collides with anything or rolls over - so if you hit a person, place or thing (tree, sasquatch, rock, my car, house, fence  - you get the idea) - This coverage will pay to repair or replace (up to the current value of your car - NOT what you owe or think it's worth) - It generally has a deductible, and you can set it higher to save on your car insurance - but don't set it so high you have to drive around in a wreck.

Important things to consider adding: 

Customization Endorsements - Your policy DOES NOT COVER customization!  for example:  Those big chrome 20's, the stereo amp and sub you spent 3 grand on, the custom paint, the 6 inch lift kits etc... Your policy covers your vehicle as it was new - STOCK - that's it  anything extra needs to added or don't be upset when it is not included in the settlement.

Towing and Roadside Service - You just broke down I5  near Stockton, your car is not drivable, what are you going to do?  With towing and road-service, help is just a phone call away - with out it - you are stuck.

Loss of Use - One of our state's fine uninsured motorists just did a number on your car - you have collision coverage, but it's going to be in the shop for 3 1/2 weeks - do you get a rental?  NO, not unless you purchase this coverage BEFORE the accident.  If a rental car costs you $30 a day, 30 days  is $900 out of pocket - (and that's a very small replacement car) this coverage is very inexpensive - don't go cheap here.

GAP - Covers just what it sounds like - the GAP between what you owe on your car and what it's worth. - Here's a general example:  You just bought a new Ford F350 Diesel Crew Cab for $65,000 - a month later you roll it over and its totaled - You did the ZERO down financing so you still owe $65,000 -  but the truck depreciated ~$8,000 the minute you drive it off the lot for example - Without GAP coverage the insurance company will only pay~$57,000 leaving you with not enough money to pay off the bank - This is an optional coverage - HIGHLY recommended for financed new cars.

New Car Replacement  - This is an optional endorsement - highly recommended of available when you buy a new car.  Example:  you just paid $90,000 cash for the new Tesla and  eleven months later your teenage son missed the curve in Ludicrous mode - car is totaled with NEW CAR replacement - you get  - a new car & depending on the policy, maybe even the new model year - without it, you get a check for the DEPRECIATED Actual cash Value of the car - not enough to even by the old one.  Again - highly recommended.

Bottom Line:

Car insurance in California can be tailored to fit your needs - it can be "low Cost car insurance" or maximum protection the choice is yours. Our job is to help you have enough information to make the right decision  - for you!

Click on the free Auto Insurance quote link above to start savingon your car insurance today.

 Thank you for your interest in ISE Insurance Services. Please feel free to call our office at 888-945-1495 and speak to an insurance professional or you can email your questions and an agent will reply promptly.


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